Who are we? 

We are builders and innovators of delicious baked goods.  We get our inspirations from our parents' homelands.  Our parents come from the Indian Subcontinent,  where all groups and cultures share a common ancestor.   We celebrate each part of our homeland by making excellent bakery, inspired by the love our parents have for their traditional foods.  It makes them smile. We just love it and we're really good at it.


Toasts in India.jpg

Our Business

Monsoon Bakery is a manufacturer of fine artisinal baked goods. These crafted delights have a quality barrier.  If any ingredient is lesser than exceptional, we don't use it. Each and every one of our products must be presentable. We have 3 master bakers with 25 years of combined experience. They make it possible for us to enjoy pure desi bakery items for the incredible reminder of how good the culinary traditions of the "monsoon" nations are.  We have excellent production team.  Our local distribution network is currently supplying throughout New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virgnia and we strive to grow.




Where are we heading? The direction is clear. Our goal is to become the largest South Asian bakery goods manufacturer and supplier. The task seems difficult. However, it's not really. The way we plan on leading is through consistent quality, product value, prioritizing safety, introducing new flavors and improving the older ones, creative marketing and honest business ethics. The goal will be achieved, but we maintain a realistic timeline. We believe in building strong roots so that the speedy growth can be supported by the solid base. 

Our strengths lay in our experienced bakers, respected sales people, incredibly creative marketing team, production staff, flexible and knowledgeable top management, the awareness of our culture and traditions, open minded development team, and our shared motivations. 

We have all the ingredients to become the ultimate desi bakery.